Saturday, July 10, 2010

Marcus McAllister

This is a video by Cynthia Morris, she is a coach in Denver and just spent some time in Paris and has a whole series of videos on that experience.  You can find her here  His journals are fantastic, you will love this video.


  1. That was an AMAZING video!! His art is so cool. Thank you for sharing this with us as I didn't know Cynthia and never heard of Marcus.

  2. What an amazing man! What a mind he has. What creativity. What would it be like knowing someone like this? (I know no one like this!) So fascinating. Thanks, Kate. xoO

  3. yes,kate. i love what he said about the point where the desire has to be replaced with the do-ing, and discouragement is worked through with do-ing, even if it's just scribbles. yes, yes, yes.

  4. I did enjoy meeting this young man!

  5. Kate...thanks for bringing this video to my attention...Marcus is an amazing artist. I was wondering about the little sketchbook we worked in and wondering where it is now? We may never know....Cheers,

  6. hello, Google brought me to your blog, and I thought I would let you know that I've been posting my recent Sketchbooks in their entirety on my Facebook page:

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video--Cynthia did a great job pulling out stuff from our interview! I'm thrilled by the results.

    yours Marcus McAllister


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