Friday, July 23, 2010

Flags, Collage and More Goodies

I knew when I posted those flags I would get another the same day so I will post here as I get them.

This one came from Florida from my friend Judie.  I really love sunflowers so this was perfect. Thanks Judie

Awhile ago I saw a flag done in the Zentangle style so I thought I would make one for myself.  The prayer I just made up as I was writing and I think its fun. I used a faber-casteel brush pen to make it.

My friend Sophie sent me this postcard that I think is pretty awesome.  She also sent an envelope full of collage bits that will be fun to use.

Included in her package was this small journal.  It is full of all sorts of different papers. I just love the image on the front. Thanks Sophie.

When Paula sent her flag she also sent this lovely post card.  It definitely speaks serenity to me. I just love this card.

I have never showed this so I thought I would throw it in the mix. Mystele had sent me this a thank you and it now adorns my studio wall.  I just love it.

Here is the front of the suitcase I had been working on. I used several ocean inspired papers.  I think the big area to the right could have an image or something but I will do that at another time.

and here is the back of it, At some later date I may add some images on this side too.  It was fun to do but I really had a glue issue.  I started using spray adhesive which worked only part of the time and then used YES glue and then glossy accents for some trouble spots.  In some areas I had thicker paper so it was hard to use on the curves. I learned a lot doing this I know if I do another suitcase it will be so much easier. I do like the soft calming look of this one. I plan to use it to haul art supplies when I go to a friends house or to any future retreats.


  1. All the prayer flags are so pretty. I love what you wrote on the one you made. And your suitcase is awesome! It's absolutely gorgeous!! What a fun way to travel with your art supplies.

  2. Great mail and gifts to a deserving friend. I LOVE the suitcase Kate. Awesome!

  3. Lots of fun art to see here today. Your suitcase makes me want to toss beach towel and bathing suit in and head for the beach!!!

  4. Flags look great and the suitcase is awesome!


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