Monday, July 26, 2010

Great weekend

I had a great weekend, on Friday we watched these guys practice. Yep the Blue Angels were in town. We actually saw the show from our driveway on Saturday. They flew over our house multiple times. It was pretty cool.

On Saturday morning Dave and I went kayaking at a local gravel pond which is like kayaking on a lake and I just loved it. We had the place to ourselves, just some shore birds and the two of us.  It was really present.    That evening I had a bonfire and last night I went drumming. with a group of women.  Lots of fun activities to round out the week.

My lovely sister Peggy sent me a convalescing package full of goodies. You can see them all on her blog Feminine Inspiration She gives all the details and what everything is for so I will just let her tell the story.

Today I will be anxiously awaiting for UPS to show up and deliver the gift from my hubby, Its something to entertain me while I recover from surgery. Oh now what could that be. Any guesses?

Yes its a kindle and I think its a pretty nice gift. I am looking forward to trying it out.


  1. What a great thing to see from your driveway. I hope your surgery goes well, an awesome present from your hubby!

  2. What a nice gift from your sister. I particularly love the "fruit ladies". I will think of them every single time I think of my pear shape! LOVE IT!

  3. How cool that the Blue Angels were flying right over your house! That must have been amazing to see.

    And what a nice gift from your hubby. I'll be interested to know how you like it. I love all the things your sister sent you. The tote bag is fantastic. Love that fabric! And the potholders are almost too pretty to use!


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