Friday, February 27, 2015

Express Your Creativity Week 9

Welcome to Express Your Creativity. Here you can share paintings, sketches, art journal pages, poetry, photography, fiber arts like knitting and weaving, favorite recipes, organizational and decorating ideas, and more. The only requirement is that it is something that you have created in some way. I hope you will join me here and please pass it on. Please make sure to list your posts url and not your blogs url. This makes it easier for any late comers to find your post. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Linky, this is how it works. You type in your name in the first box and the url/link to your post, not your blog address about your creative efforts this week. When you return your name will already be populated, you just need to paste in the new posts link.

I have created a blog button for those participating who might want to post this on your blog. You'll find it on the sidebar to your right.

It's my birthday today, so let the Celebrations begin. I am having a game night at my house to celebrate. I am making a Williamsburg Orange cake, its my favorite and very yummy. Doesn't it look grand. Its from an old Betty Crocker cookbook and you can find the recipe online.

I have been doing a class from 21 Secrets Fall called Paint the colors of your heart. First we did a meditation and charcoal drawing about how we were feeling energetically. It looks like a swirling vortex to me.

Then we created the drawing in color.  I used Portfolio Oil pastels for this.  I love the pretty shades I was able to create. The center of the top loop seem to be like an egg cracking open with possibility. It also has a yin/yang feel about it.

Then we did another meditation and painted the colors of our heart. I started with a small center and then saw waves of energy floating outward from my heart. I added the green for the heart chakra. I painted the lines with a script liner brush. Then I realized my heart is a big flower. It reminds me of a poinsettia. Maybe I was channeling my inner Georgia O'Keefe. What a fun class this was.

Now its your turn to share.  I would love to have you join in and tell others about this opportunity to share your creativity.


  1. Nice work Kate - happy birthday, the cake looks so yummy! Valerie

  2. Happy birthday to you Kate! Have a fabulous day of celebration! Beautiful class art-and thanks for explaining your thoughts about it and where the symbolism and colors came from.

  3. Much Love for you Kate! Happy Birthday and beautiful art. Thanks for share.

  4. Beautiful and vibrant!!!Happy birthday and happy PPF!

  5. Happy, happy day, Kate! May it be filled with Joy, Creativity, Love and lots and lots of that pretty cake. Enjoyed your photos of the 21 Secrets class. That is such an inspiring group of classes. Now that I'm home from traveling, time for me to go on over and choose my next adventure.

  6. Happy Birthday Kate...sounds like it will be fun with yummy cake! We love games in this house! So we'll be there in spirit!! Lovely artwork too!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Love the energetic drawings.
    And a true homemade cake ~ I love THAT!
    Happy, happy to you!

  8. love the 'colours of your heart' painting

    much love...

  9. Beautiful! I love the two paintings...and that cake looks fantastic! Happy Birthday!!!

  10. Oh my, that cake looks yummy! Happy Birthday! x

  11. OMGosh, I've gotten out my old recipes too. They go over much better than today's 'stuff' because there is no GMO, etc. Belated Happy Birthday. The pictures are creative. Blessings, Janet PPF


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