Monday, February 23, 2015

In My Sketchbook

I finished filling up a sketchbook last week. That is always exciting when that happens. I didn't think I was close but an impromptu trip resulted in a lot of sketches being made in just one day.

I called this an abstract spinning wheel since it was so off on proportions and all but I kind of like the wonkiness of it now.

We made a day trip over to Jackson Wyoming. Its about 90 miles from home. I started to daw what was in front of me as we traveled.  I was surprised that I could draw in a moving car.

We passed a hillside of windmills on the way.  I hesitated to draw them because most of it came from memory when we drove past them. I still think you get the feel of them although they look a little different.

The road changed and now we are on Highway 26 headed straight to Jackson, there was no snow, and lots of green fields.

We stopped at a rest stop and I drew the outhouse while my hubby took Belle for a little walk.

In Alpine we stopped for breakfast, these two guys were chatting away so it was easy to capture them.

This restaurant is called the Yankee Doodles cafe and has more patriotic stuff per square inch than any place I have ever been.

This is my sketch when driving home.  We took what is called the pass, its a scary curvy road on the side of a mountain, my least favorite road to travel on. It's  a shorter route so when its clear we take it.  There had been an avalanche earlier that they were still clearing away. This troad gets closed often in winter.


  1. Your drawings are a great way to capture special moments of the trip in your own unique way !
    Happy and safe trails, always !

  2. How wonderful that you can draw in the car! I can't at all. I love that you captured your trip in this way.


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