Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In My Sketchbook

I got this in the mail today. Danny Gregory's new book is all about creating a drawing habit in just a few minutes a day. Its full of great exercises and much wisdom. As with all Danny's books its full of wonderful drawings and ways to inspire. If you have ever thought you'd like to draw this is the perfect book to get you started. I highly recommend it.

I am sharing some sketches from Sketchbook Skool Bootkamp.  It's our last week. We have been focusing on drawing animals and nature. This was my first try of my cat Boromir. She is grey and white so I used colored pencil. We are supposed to focus on certain parts and then the whole like it was a field study. I didn't have much room on the page. Next time I'll do a 2 page layout. I used my new Stillman and Birn Alpha Series sketchbook. The paper is very nice for pencils, I haven't tried pen or wet media yet.

Our next exercise was to draw water, but it was too cold out for me.  So I sat in my car and made this drawing.

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  1. I hear Bootkamp Skool has been good. Love your drawings for it, you certainly have got into the lessons well. I did two courses before but found it difficult to make myself do the homework!


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