Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Art supply goodness

This year for my birthday I asked for money for art supplies.  There were things I wanted that I had to buy online so this is what I got. It doesn't look like much but I had to order from three separate places which meant paying for shipping 3 times, I hate that. These were items I really wanted so I was willing to put up with the shipping.

Gel pens, I really love the Uniball Signo Broad Gel pens.  They come in tons of colors but I really like the black and white

Ahh some golden fluids, may favorites.  The cobalt and raw umber are refills but the others are new colors for me.  I do have the Manganese blue and Indian Yellow Hue in their heavy bodied versions. They are both fab colors so I wanted them in the fluid versions too. The Burnt umber light is a new brown to try.

These are dauber caps, the screw on to craft paint bottles. This way you can use your own favorite colors or mix new ones.  Ranger sells their paint with the caps already there but I want to make some of my own with goldens and folk art paints.

I wanted to try some of the new Strathmore journals.  Since I have 2 of the Canson Mixed media ones I went for a watercolor journal.  The interesting thing is that the cover is paper that you just tear off. The real cover is thick and is a brown alligator like surface.  It was shiny so it didn't photograph well. I am looking forward to trying this out.

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  1. There is nothing like paying shipping -- UGH!!! However, when it's something you want and cannot get anywhere bite the bullet, right?

    Looks like you are going to have some fun with these supplies and best of all, the gift money translated into the perfect gift for you! Enjoy!!!

  2. yummy yummy - nothing like new supplies !
    I just bought one of those visual journals to try out too ! I am going to use it in a traveling sketchbook/journal swap I just joined. The paper looks great in the watercolor one and I like the sturdy cover. Will need to put my own touch on the brown-ness at some point !
    Enjoy your goodies !

  3. I love getting new art supplies....but hate having to pay the shipping costs. My local stores carry very little of what I want so I have to order most things online. Ugh!

    I'm definitely going to order some of the broad Signo pens. And I've been debating whether or not to order one of the Strathmore journals....I have a ton of journals but they look so interesting.


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