Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Few More Backgrounds & International Fake Journal Month

Its been a busy week so I haven't much to show today.  The following are some backgrounds I have been with making with ColorWash and  Stencils.  I found a new set of cut paper that make great stencils. So I took them for a test drive.  My next online class is going to cover using these tools so I have been putting them to the test in all sorts of ways. Here are just a few of the samples.

I did manage to do a journal page yesterday. It was another one of those dreary days that have me fighting off a little depression. First I stamped the bird, its from a Martha Stewart stamp set. I colored it with water color crayons. I added chalk to the background. Next it was sprayed with hair spray to set the chalk. Then I could use the gel pen on top. It was a fun little page and I felt better after having made it.  I just love how art journaling can do that for you.

International Fake Journal Month
I just learned about this a few minutes ago and it sounds like it could really be a blast to do.  Its starts tomorrow so there isn't much prep time.  I am also not sure if I have the time to do it but the idea is intriguing.   So what is it all about? This is taken right from their site.  "Basically it’s a free pass to put anything in a journal that you might not otherwise put in. At least that’s one way to see it. From April first to April 30, you are encouraged to keep a fake journal different from and outside of your regular visual journal."    If you ever wanted an alter ego here is a place to play with that idea.  Check out the site here for more details.


  1. love the papers you have created Kate -- rich and vibrant. A fake journal? Now that would be a lot of fun! The possibilities are endless!

  2. Love your lightly color washed pretty...the new challenge does sound intriguing. Have fun.

  3. Loving the experiments...
    And thanks for sharing the Fake Journaling link! I am actually going to give it a try!

  4. Great backgrounds, Kate! You know how I love stencils!

    I hope today is a brighter day for you....the journal page you did is pretty. I like the bird stamp. The fake journal sounds like fun but when will I find the time???

  5. I love the stenciled papers, Kate, especially the first one.
    I thought about the fake journal thing, but I'm already doing 21 Secrets, so it'll have to be another time.
    Hope you get sunshine, so that your shadows can lift.
    Love, me


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