Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Completed Journal

Today I had some quality time in the studio. I managed to do a few more pages to finish my manilla folder journal. Here are the results.

I thought for this page I would play with some more things I have not used in some time.  I pulled out my pan pastels and fabric tape and pieces of walpaper.  It was fun layering this all together

I just got these henna stencils  and was interested in trying them out. I had this background already painted, so it seemed a fitting match.  After adding the stencils I added this ATC I made a couple years ago. It seemed to fit the theme of the page.

This page started out with black gesso, then I layered several layers of chalk pastel, on top. Then I stamped words and scrolls in black.  The bird was stamped with metallic ink and then I stamped words over the bird. Then I made up a little story about her.

I started this page by painting black gesso on the page. I cut strips from a calendar and glued them down.  Then I added the image and words.  I got some new white gel pens in the mail yesterday and oh it is awesome when they really work.

In this page I used this awesome paper my sister had given me.  Its hand made and the texture is really neat. The image is one I love, and I have used it before. I layered it over some black card stock before glueing it down. It feels so great to have this journal finished. Now I am ready to move on to some new paintings.

Since I am getting questions in the comments:   The white gel pens I get are Uniball Signo Broad.  There are 2 kinds broad and fine and the fine doesn't work so well. I get them from jet Here is the link to the pen. You'll notice they come in all sorts of colors.  I always get some black too, I like how well think ink flows. The other thing about gels pens is sometimes its all those layers of paint and such that make them difficult to use. Before tossing old pens, see if they work on another surface, like smooth paper.

Also I got my henna stencils from Traci Bunker and she has a video on using them at her site here. The stencils are available here


  1. Kate, these journal pages are really great. I love the top one so much. And the ones with black gesso came out so cool. What kind of white gel pens did you get?

  2. I have the same question as Janet, as mine never work. They skip and are spotty and will never write over gesso. Yours look bold...I am looking forward to the class! xoO

  3. Lovely endings, Miss Kate. Love that henna stencil hand !!! Awesome.

  4. Thanks, Kate. I use the fine Uniball Signo pens but have not tried the I will. I've found that about the only thing that will write over just about anything is the Sharpie Poster Paint pens....I buy the ultra-fine tip in white and in black.

    And if Olivia comes back here, there are very few things that will write over gesso! I think I've tried them all!

  5. Thanks, Kate and Janet! I was buying the fine because I thought the broad would be super-fat. Thanks a lot! I also love jetpens :)

  6. Great journal pages! I love the one with the saying of the lady putting on her best suit...
    Very nice.

  7. Really great journal pages Kate. I especially like the one with the lady in the suit. Your story really drew me in.


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