Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ravens on a Bench

I took a walk on the greenbelt and came across this bench. A few years ago a number of artists designed these benches for around the river. They have a rattlesnake, an appaloosa horse and some geese and a fish.  Since I love ravens and crows so much you know this has to be my favorite.

From a distance they really look like real ravens. The problem is they are made out of thin metal.  I figure some kid is going to break it off before long.  I wanted pictures before that happened.

Here you can see where they put a mosaic on the bench to look like the birds shadow.  I thought it was pretty cool.  I was going to come back and take pictures of all the benches to add to this post but the weather has not been cooperating.  We have rain forecast for the rest of the week so those pictures will have to wait.

Here is the journal page I did today. Sometimes the sadness of Japan just gets to me. I turn to art at those times and try to work my way through it and out to the light.


  1. I'm glad you chose the ravens rather than the rattlesnake!

    Seeing the images coming out of Japan just breaks my heart. They are dealing with so much tragedy and destruction and yet they seem to remain calm through it all.

  2. Love the ravens ! What a great piece of everyday art !

    Yes, art is definitely one of the best ways to work through the sadness. I am so very thankful for it in these troubling times !
    Hugs lady ! I hope the weather changes for you soon.

  3. Great to see them. I hope you're wrong and nobody breaks them.

  4. sweet benches...yes, good idea to turn to art making during this sad time we are all experiencing. lovely journal page!

  5. Oh I love that bench too. Kate thank you for stopping by my blog. I was going to donate to RC anyway but the comments were nice.
    It is so sad to see what Japan is enduring right now.


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