Monday, March 14, 2011


You remember when I talked about this project that Phoenix Peacock is doing,  Go to this post for the beginning of the story.

For my second part of the project I decided to call this friend I had not talked to in twenty years.  I was very nervous, I mean what if she was no longer alive. That would be pretty heartbreaking.  So I got the nerve to call and I got an answering machine.  Figures in this world of technology. Several days later she called me back and got my machine. We were playing phone tag. She left me this long message and it was so wonderful to hear her voice, the memories kept flooding back in.  I called again and caught her at home, at last success.

It was like old times, we talked of the old days and where we were in our lives today.  It was so rewarding that I can not even begin to express it.  We've reconnected and we will stay connected. Sadly she does not have a computer so we'll need to keep in touch the old fashioned way, by letter and phone. After letting this relationship slide once I don't want to let it go again.  I am so grateful to Phoenix Peacock and her project.  If I had not taken part none of this would even have happened.  You really never know where you're art is going to take you.

On this page, I decorated the background with chalk. I searched through my old photos to find some of Vonda and Wes.  That is the two of them at my wedding almost 26 years ago.  Then a pic of Vonda  showing off her new cowboy boots.  She was always the most fun. I threw in the british phone booth because of the distance between us. Its been closed now and I feel so blessed.

Have you lost touch with someone in your life? Maybe its time to reconnect. It is not too late, pick up the phone and give them a call.


  1. Great post, Kate. How nice that you connected and re-clicked like that again. I haven't reconnected with someone like Vonda, but have reconnected with some high school friends, old boyfriends, and the like that I found on FB. It is a gift when it happens.

    My favorite part is how people I was once close to often have almost nothing in common with or to say to me. Then people I knew only slightly discover that we have the basis for a modern-day friendship.

    I lovelovelove finding people on the Internet. Even obscure people, like my dentist from West Virginia University or my Long Island Dog's vet. I love seeing the pictures, too!

    Blessings, peace, love, O

  2. How wonderful ! I love your page celebrating your reconnection too - great pics.
    Brava, Brave One !

  3. Yes, I have lost contact with an old friend. I've tried finding her but no success. Back in the 90's we were inseparable. It's difficult searching for women because their name could change.

    I like the page you the photo of the new cowboy boots!

  4. Reconnecting allows for reflection.
    Heals and repairs... allowing us to move forward.
    Great technique using chalk, thank you for sharing.

  5. This makes my heart overflow. I am so pleased that this was your experience. What a sweet story of friendship!


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