Monday, February 28, 2011

Community Art Project

I am participating in Phoenix Peacock's Community Art Project. You can read about it here and in her previous posts.  She is in need of more participants so if you are willing, check it out.

The first thing is to do a journal page about someone in your community past or present who positively influenced your life. That took me back years ago when I met my friend Vonda.

This is the page I did this afternoon to explore that relationship I had so long ago. I met her in college and she was like a mother to me. Her friendship and guidance made me who I am today. It is so nice remembering those times. Sadly I have not talked to her in years.  I think I will remedy that, she's only a phone call away.

Do you have any friends you have lost touch with? Maybe today is the day to remedy that.


  1. Pretty amazing where art can bring you, isn't it, Kate? I hope reconnected with you friend brings some yummy stuff your way !
    Happy march, lovely one.

  2. Yes, I do have friends I've lost contact with and it makes me sad to think of them.

    I like the page you did for Phoenix Peacock's project. I think I have that same paper you used on the bottom.

  3. OOO I love the page you did!!! I too have lost touch with so many of the people that I need to thank, but I am so grateful they were in my life at the right moment

  4. A very striking page and definitely thought provoking.

    Moving around the world every couple of years I kind of got into the habit of not getting too close to anybody, as it would be doomed not to last (self fulfilling prophecy I guess).

    Thankfully I've now turned a corner and know that there's people who'll be there if I need them, and vice-versa.


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