Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Hands Create

I sat down in my studio and decide to work in my larger journal. This is the Canson's mixed media journal, I really like the size and the paper. For the background layer I used took several colors of golden fluid paints and added fluid matte medium to extend the color. In addition added some Ranger Adirondak reinkers. My next layer included stamping with some of the new stamps I had made yesterday. Oh was this page fun.

After the background I had no idea  of what I would do next but then I remembered I have a self portrait challenge going on my site and the subject was hands. First I drew my left hand and then decided to add the right one too and then the journaling.

Today all my white gel pens failed and I have 4 different kinds. I wish I could find one that worked consistently. So I ended up writing with a brush pen which comes out too thick for my tastes. On the right hand I got out my fine point nib and india ink and journaled with that. The other lettering was done with a broader tipped nib and then outlined in black with a brush pen.

I had lots of fun working on this page, sometime if you just switch sizes for awhile you will have a renewed excitement in your art.  I have journals in several sizes and I like to switch to different ones at different times.

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  1. Good advice, Kate. I also have journals in several sizes that I like to work in depending on my mood.

    I like the Signo white pens and I also like the Sharpie poster paint pens with an ultra fine tip. I buy the Sharpie paint pens six at a time because I use them so much.


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