Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Sketches 02-27

This is sketch for the Sunday Sketches group. I am not sure if I am finished with her yet, maybe a little bit of fine tuning is in order. I sketched her in church as usual, using graphite pencil 2b, 6b and H. Well I was going to link to other sketchers but it turns out there isn't one this week. Oh well you can at least see my sketch.  Have a great evening.


  1. Well, I think she's beautiful. You are so good with faces AND you are just fearless about them. I LOVE that about you.

  2. Happy Birthday! (I hope it was a great one!!!)

    I think the expression on her face is wonderful (it makes me wonder what she's thinking) I think it's her beautiful eyes.


  3. She looks a bit like you! Beautiful drawing, Kate.


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