Saturday, February 19, 2011

I believe in Magic

I bought this little fairy stamp set yesterday with my Michaels coupon so I decided to just stamp it on a blank journal page. I highlighted some of the features with colored pencil.    With Chalk you need to spray it with a fixative before you can write on it. Plus that also seals the chalk so it doesn't come off on your fingers. Once its dry I'll add some journaling to all that blank space on the page.

Then I decided to add this. I have probably 5 of these chalk sets that I got for a dollar a piece. They have these little makeup applicators to apply the chalk with. I haven't really used them very much before. Its a little tedius using the small applicators that come with the chalk. I finally just dumped all the chalk out and just added it directly to the paper. My style is a little bit more messy.

So now I just have the chalk here in this plastic tub. I tossed all the plastic containers they came in.  I think I will use it a bit more this way. I love the look of all those colors together.  Its pretty just by itself.

I hope you find some beautiful magic in your world today.


  1. I really love this page...Your fairy stamp collection is really sweet. I can tell this was fun!! Happy Saturday, Mary

  2. I am so glad you believe in magic my dear - or I'm afraid I would disappear!


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