Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back Pain and Some Birds

I am sorry to say that I have no art to share yet.  I have been working on making videos for a class this week and they do take considerable time and effort.  All my art has been done for those and of course I won't be showing that.

I've also run into a little lower back pain issue. So I am spending the rest of my time laying down.  I do hate having back pain, it really takes you out of life.

Now to make it so you haven't waisted your time coming here today, here's a video by my friend Zorana. She is painting some darling birds, once you watch you'll will have a desire to paint birds too! She makes it look so simple. She has a whole group of fantastic videos on YouTube and a fun class she is running called Mixed Media Playground that looks like so much fun.


  1. I hope the back heals up quick. I have a lot of issues with my lower back and did a great round of physio way back where I learned exercises that strengthen and help a lot with the pain. Maybe you could get some treatments -the ice, ultrasound and exercises at physical therapy did me a world of good and I return to the exercises whenever I have a new "bout" of pain. You had some big changes in your body this year so it makes sense that you need to heal up slowly.
    Take good care of you, Lovely Kate.

  2. It's never a waste of time to come to visit the Queen. I am wishing you rest and time to heal. Peace and love, O

  3. I hope you feel pain free soon. No fun that.
    We are making art when we are sleeping even, it's simply the planning stage, but a very important part of the process...ideas flowing, new ideas coming. Enjoy all the steps of creation.

  4. Yes you're right! I do want to go and paint birds now!! Thanks for the introduction and sharing.

  5. Waste of time? Are you kidding me? I ALWAYS learn something when I come here. Thanks for the video. You know how I love birds and yes, now I do wanna paint some.

    Hoping your back pain eases up soon. I have had off and on lower back problems for many years, and back exercises always help. Sending healing thoughts your way, Ms. Kate.


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