Friday, February 11, 2011

Dream a little dream

Dream a little dream I think that is how the song goes but everyone out there tells you to dream big. So dream big it will be. I have been working on an on-line class and there is so much to share that it looks like it may have to be several classes. So maybe my vision is too big. Trying to tone it down has been hard.  I have got one video done but there are so many more to do before I go public with it.

I made the background with first inktense pencils and then water, I added some stamping and then the #5, there's no significance that I can think of. I just like the way it looked. I found this image in my drawer of scraps. Its from a greeting card sent by a friend. I do like to reuse things in my art. I added more stamping and charcoal on the image and in outlining. Then I added the words and the stars and planets. To finish it off I adding portfolio oil pastels to the edges of the page.  I like the idea of dreams being right there for you to bring to life.

Something from my sketchbook. I had signed up for SuziBlu's self guided portrait class awhile ago. I was really interested in learning to do 3/4 poses. This is my first attempt. Now its back to the studio for me.  How about you, how are you going to spend your weekend?


  1. Love your work ;-) I will be taking a 2 day workshop this weekend. Will have more to say about it after I take it but I'm pretty psyched...

  2. Dreaming big is good. As the quote says "shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars"

    This weekend I plan to spend lots of time in the studio working on some classes I'm taking.

  3. Yes, I'm all for dreaming big! Love the portrait!

  4. Wonderful Dream Page. It's fresh vibrant I love the color combination of Background and image. Well done.
    Have a nice sunday.


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