Friday, February 18, 2011

Playing with Nevrdull

Today I spent time in the studio doing some things I have been wanting to do but for some reason never took the time to do so.

I pulled this out today and decide to play with it a little.  Its wadding polish and you just take a piece of it and rub it over magazine pages and it removes  some of the ink. I think normally it is used to polish metal.

Here are some of the pages I did today. Sometimes it changes the color dramatically and other times it just mutes it.

and other times it gives this smoky effect.  I think it made this scene from nature look foggy and misty.  I will be using these pages for future backgrounds in my art journals.

The other thing I did was sew this bag to carry my yoga mat. I found the pattern on the internet here. It turned out to be way too big, I could have put ten yoga mats in there. It was designed to hold some more items like a sweatshirt or a water bottle, but I found it to be way too big.  So I cut off the side panels and just sewed the front to the back and now it still quite roomy but usable now. I have been doing yoga at home but have decided I might take a class or two.  So now that I have a snazzy bag to carry all my stuff in I am all set.

So tell me how did you play today.


  1. Nevr-dull is on my list of things to try, too. I like the results you got with it. The pictures look old and worn. Great for backgrounds.

  2. I really like the way this looks...where would I find this product? Like Janet, I think this would make a great background. I have missed so many of your posts, I must go back and take a peek. hugs Mary

  3. Mary, I found Nevr Dull in the automotive department in Walmart. I think its used to shine the metal in fancy cars. It kind of smells but it does go away. I am sure you will have fun with it.


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