Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some new books

I got three new books in the mail. Some that are brand new out there and some that have been in publication for awhile.

So now my art book pile to read is getting big. So far I like all the books. The thing with art books is you really don't read them like you would a novel.  Sometimes you spend months with them. Do you have a big pile that you are spending time with?

A collaged journal page I made a few days ago.  No special techniques, the words on top are from a scrap of vellum. I like how you still can see the decorative paper underneath.

Jamie Ridler had this little Love exercise for Valentine's Day where you just wrote out things you love. It was simple so that you just went and did it now.   The idea is you can go back next year and see what you loved on this day in 2011.  Its a great idea and not too late to do your own. I drew the heart in pastels and then added all the words. Then added pastel in the background for some color.

and here is my latest sketch. She is from a magazine image and looks nothing like it, but I wasn't going for duplication.  I kind of like the far away look she has.

Have an Artful Day!


  1. Oh, you're tempting me! I'm trying not to buy too many books this year but I did get Art at the Speed of Life and I'm enjoying it. That's the only one I have out right now.

  2. Art books are my temptation! I have Art at the Speed of Life on my wish list. You'll have to let me know what you think of it.

    I have so many still to read. I tend to carry them around the house with me and stroke them!

  3. Loving your heart and your list! I can so relate!


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