Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet Colonel Mustard

This is Colonel Mustard, he is a stray cat that showed up in our garage. He looked pretty sad so I started feeding him. One day I found blood all over the table I feed him on. It looked like he fought with our other stray hat and had gotten nailed in the ear. He was ok but he looked pretty ragged. I felt sorry for him so I continued to offer him food twice a day.

I now think he and Tommy learned to tolerate each other. They both hang out in our garage and sometimes the barn. I have 3 cats in the house so these two cats will remain outdoor cats. To my delight Col Mustard is starting to look healthier, he still has a dirty nose but his coat looks better and he asks for affection now. What a difference daily food makes.


  1. Col. Mustard looks like he's quite happy just where he is. Good for you for feeding him. I'm sure someone just dumped him to fend for himself. I think his dirty nose looks cute.

  2. Col. Mustard looks a picture of health.we have had 3 strays here in the last few months and all have been adopted by my neighbours.

  3. He certainly looks happy, as Janet said.
    And I love the name you gave him!

  4. Lucky CM to have found you. He looks regal on that pillow! Thanks for taking such good care of him.

  5. He's the first kitty that has black spots on his nose like my Little Bit. She's orange like Col. Mustard.

  6. Daily food and daily loving from the sounds of it ! Yay for all the family!


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