Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have a Steampunk Challenge going on here.  I had a blast doing this challenge.  Steampunk  combines the victorian era with technology and there are some fun elements to play with.

I started with a gold piece of wallpaper. First I glued it down in my journal.  Then I used a mask from Tim Holtz to put all the gears on. I did this with several different colors of stamp pads. I love the way it looks.

Then I found this image to put on the page. She looked a little sassy so I thought I would alter her to make her more steampunk looking.

Here I have added a leather corset and some boots and embellished the skirt a little. I had some sticker letters that worked out pretty good so I decided to spell Steampunk.

This is the finished page. I added lace to her skirt a chain to her waste, a blouse under the corset and top hat with a little tule and goggles.  The gear and wheel are from Tim Holtz.  He has tons of things that work great for steampunk embellishments. Then I outlined everything with vine charcoal. Sarah gave me several ideas and she wanted me to add a dirigible but I no longer had room for one. Maybe if I do another page with the same prompt.  I actually wished I had done this on a canvas board because I could have really added a lot of embellishments.

Have an Artful Day!


  1. Wow, Kate! Your steampunk page turned out great! I love all the embellishments you added. The girl is just sassy enough to be perfect.

  2. Fun punking job, Miss Kate ! Looks like a good play time today.
    Thanks for the loving on the blog today. Feeling better this evening after some time out with a friend for some excellent Mexican food and a lot of venting and laughing.
    Life is good.
    Have a cozy night !


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