Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some Thoughts on Commenting

Awhile ago my friend Natasha did a post on commenting and it struck me. She talked about how much she loved getting comments.  She didn't care if they were short or long.  She asked to think about what kind of commenter you were.  It got me thinking about what I do and how I view commenters themselves and it changed the way I leave comments on the many blogs that I visit.

I have to admit that I do comment on a lot of blogs but then some I almost never comment on.  On the more popular blogs I don't comment often.  I figure if the person has 2000 followers I really don't need to comment. They get enough comments that they have to read and respond to.

 The other thing I found is that sometimes I just leave these short little comments like "Oh I love your page" Now I realize that really doesn't tell the person anything. I mean I could say why I liked the page, just what is it about it that spoke to me.  I think those are the comments that I would like to receive so perhaps they are the kind I should be giving.

If you are like me when you don't get any comments on a post you wonder is anyone looking?  I know that I love getting comments.  They are one of the things that make bloggin worthwhile. I also know that sometimes we just don't have the time to comment on everyones blog, there is just not enough time in the day. I have gotten comments that said "I just stopped by to say hello" and it was from a friend and I really liked that comment.  It let me know they were thinking about me even if they didn't have something profound to say about that day's post.  I think its a way to keep connected.

So where am I going with this.  I am just saying think about the way you comment and if you like it continue if you don't maybe think about going into more details, or just saying hello when you don't have anything to say. All bloggers out there will appreciate it.

I've got a question for you.  Some bloggers respond to comments in the comment section of the post.  I usually don't do that because I know some people won't go back to the post and to reach them you really need to email them. So what are you're thoughts, do you like to see a response to a comment posted as part of the comments?


  1. I so relate to this I am never quite sure what to say I look at other peoples comments and admire what they have said.And when i write something it always seems so boring.I also know that when i check my blog and have a comment it is great.
    I also have emailed in the past although not recently so i may start doing that again.

  2. I'm not a person who is comfortable with words. I never know what to say. Some people are so witty or so "right on the money" with their comments but that isn't me. Many times I struggle to find something to say but since I love getting comments I feel it's only fair for me to also leave them.

    I don't leave comments when someone already has 30 or more...what more can anyone say!

  3. Hi Kate ! I am just stopping by to say hi ;-) and to say, that for me, any comment is a good comment, because it means that a person took that time to reach out and connect even if it was just for a minute. I do love juicy ones when I know that whatever I have posted has really touched the person in some way. I think there is just room for it all !
    (I rarely go back to the same post twice to see if a blogger has commented on my comment though - it would be never ending to do that for me !)
    I hope you have a great creative weekend. Mine is a mix of rock painting for some orders, couple's house tasks like some work on our declutter projects and hopefully some journal page time too !
    Enjoy !Love Kim

  4. I love getting comments, any comments. But,I really love the ones that take a bit more time, to let me know what they love, or what struck a chord with them. You know that they're really paying attention. I don't ever go back to see if there are comments on comments; I have so little time. But, if a comment strikes me in some way,I do go explore that person's blog! And, I often end up listing it as a favorite. Inevitably I comment on their maybe in a round about way, I do comment on the comments?

  5. Hi Kate! Love this topic!! I really struggle with commenting. All the experts say comments should add to the discussion and sometimes I think that holds me back. If 15 people have said they love something, what more can I really add? But your thoughts here make me realize that no matter how many times I hear "love this" I never tire of it, so that's likely the case for the blogs I read!

    On responding to comments, I will sometimes respond in my own comments if it's something that will add to the information I've already posted, but mostly I tend to send a personal note back to the commenter and/or visit their blog and leave a comment.

  6. I love leaving a comment! I often see the post as a conversation opener so like to add my thoughts. If I'm taking part in an art challenge I try to get around as many of the other participants as possible and in those cases sometimes it's hard to find something different to say to everyone, but for me it's really an acknowledgement that you stopped by and enjoyed looking at their artwork.
    If I feel a comment on my post needs a reply I usually email them. I get all my comments emailed to me. It's a bit frustrating if they have no-reply set up though!! I didn't realise for ages that that's the default setting for blogger, so finally got around to fixing mine!
    Well, this is becoming something of a ramble!!

  7. Although it is always nice to have a meaningful and relevant comment, it is also just nice to know someone out there stopped by and took the time to read, think about it and join the conversation. I closed a long term blog I had because some people I knew (but not well) were reading it every day and then commenting to people I did know well about what they were reading. It seriously annoyed me and creeped me out a little that they were such voyeurs and never even said, hey, we read your blog...even once!

    Anyway, sorry I digressed there....reading other people's comments begins to make the whole blog community feel more interactive. i see a lot of the same commenters on different blogs I go to and I feel like I know them a little, which is pretty awesome.

    Anyway, thanks for a provocative post ;-)

  8. I only go back if I asked something I really wanted an answer to. Then I'll go see later if they responded. Lots of times people email me the answer to my question.

    I like to leave wordy comments most of the time, when I have time to show I got something from the post. If I don't get anything from it I don't leave a comment at all. Sometimes I don't have a lot of time so I leave a brief comment about something posted. It really is all about time and being inspired.

  9. Hi Kate...I had to read what Natasha said first. I agree with what you are saying about comments. I appreciate any and all comments I get...detailed or not. I'm not good with words either. I also would never critique someone else's art unless asked to do so (and who am I to do that anyway). I try and answer q's left in comments by going to that person's blog and answering it there. So...I'm answering your question about the Strathmore Journal(sorry I didn't get by sooner)...I really like working in it, I think next time I'll get the heavier paper though.

  10. I think it's the same for everyone. When we don't get comments on a particular post we wonder if it was worth posting at all. But nowadays, a lot of people (including myself) read blog posts through Google Reader and because of lack of time, they don't click over to the blog to leave a comment. And yes, I, too, am guilty of not commenting on those popular blogs because I tell myself "I will never be noticed amongst those 50+ comments already posted." But really, who are we commenting for? The person who posted the blog or ourselves?

    As for answering questions left in my comments, I usually reply by email because personally, I rarely, if ever, go back to a post where I commented to see if there was a reply.

    Thank you for posting this. Reading your thoughts on the subject and the comments that followed was really interesting.

  11. this is to let you know that i read your posts in my reader and you are an inspirer for sure


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