Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Right Brainers in Business Summit

I don't know if you follow Jennifer Lee of the Life Unfolds blog or not. She is an incredibly gifted coach and entrepreneur. Her book The Right Brained Business Plan has just been published. I haven't gotten my copy yet but I am sure it will be awesome. She used to sell an online book on it which I have that is really good, I am sure the book will be even better.

She has been holding this video summit called The Right Brainers in Business Summit. It has ten days of speakers and its free.  Today was day 2 and let me tell you both days so far have been incredible. There are live video calls daily and if you can't make the time you can watch the recording later in the day.  I think even if you don't have a business but you are a creative person you would get something out of this.  The speakers all have had wonderful ideas to share.  The event goes on for ten days so there is still time to sign up.  You will not regret it.  Go here

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