Monday, March 28, 2011

Greeting Cards for Etsy

I was going to take a shot of what has been the kaos on my table but on second thought this is sort of neat.  Its the other side of the room that is a disaster.  I decided to put more cards on my etsy site.  I forgot how labor intensive it all is. I mulled on through and got them all made, photographed and uploaded now.  You can check them out here

Now I need to spend the rest of the day in the studio cleaning it up. I haven't done any painting in awhile and I feel the need but alas the mess must be taken care of first.


  1. These look great! Good luck with your shop! xo have a great monday.

  2. These all look great Kate. I make a huge mess when I am creating, that's the fun of it I say!
    Hugs and blessings for your week!

  3. Your cards look super! I hope you have good luck on etsy....I sure don't!

  4. The cards look so good, Kate ! Enjoy the clean up ! It does feel so good when it is done, doesn't it ?

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