Thursday, March 10, 2011

New plans New ideas

It might be because I have been attending the Right Brainers in Business Summit, or reading the Creative Entrepreneur and the Art of Non-Conformity.  Lots of new ideas are floating around in this head of mine, so I have decided to take one of them and go for it.  If you will look on my sidebar  you will see a blue box that asks you if you want to sign up to receive my newsletter.  You may be thinking, what newsletter, when did Kate start a newsletter.  No you have not been sleeping, I haven't had a newsletter till now. So next you may wonder what is she going to have a newsletter about. Well creativity of course, she is the Queen you know.

So I am setting up a mailing list first.  Currently the Newsletter is in the planning stages.  There will be a section on creative tips for the studio, updates on future workshops I will be teaching, a Creative corner where I will share creative sites found on the net, my thoughts on the creative process and so much more. Plans are for the first newsletter to come out the first week in April.  This will come out once a month so you do not have to worry about getting inundated with emails from me. So if you are interested please sign up in the side bar.


  1. Great idea, Kate! I'm signing up now.

  2. Wonderful idea!! I'm off to sign up! xo

  3. You ARE the Queen of Creativity! Go, Kate!

  4. Spread your wings!
    Love it... great ideas :]


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