Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embracing Life

If you missed my interview yesterday over at Violette's blog you can check it out here. It was so much being interviewed by a wonderful artist, she asked great questions. In fact I have been planning to do some interviews of my own. I think doing things a little differently on the blog is always good.

These are some pages I did using ColorWash sprays, but I did these a little bit different from the last group I shared. These are in my altered book journal and first I put down some gesso and then colored the page with InkTense pencils, then I added the sprays and the lots of stamping. I think this page really relates to all I have been doing lately. Embracing all that I can be sounds a little like a commercial or something but that is how it feels. I seem to be in a flow lately and its really exciting to see what's next.

This was hard to photograph since there are so many levels of color. I really loved the background. An interesting thing about this surface is when I used the white gel pens the ink soaked into the page. I tried several layers and the ink still disappeared. I don't know if I should have sealed the page first or what. Have you ever had this happen?

This last page started with the flower picture. I just grabbed the picture and then built around it. It appears to be another craving for Spring page. I made a stamping mistake so I just covered up with a sticker.  Its great when you have that option.

Have you heard about Sparkles, the e-course Jamie Ridler is putting on. You can find out the details here Its a course to sparkle your creativity in just 5 minutes a day. Now we all have five minutes.  If you sign up today there are some awesome prizes begin given away. I just know one of them has my name on it.


  1. I missed the interview but I'll check it out as soon as I leave here. I love those pages you did with the spray washes....the subtle way the colors change is very appealing.

    Spring is taking its own sweet time getting here this year. We're cloudy and chilly again today.

  2. I'm kinda hoping one has my name on too!!

  3. beautiful images! i love "embrace life" - such an uplifting page. i have been trying to use more magazine photos in my art journal.

  4. Wonderful journal pages, love the color wash technique! :]

  5. Really nice art, and the backgrounds are awesome! I have never used a white gel pen, but I use other white pens and I never have a problem with it soaking in after underlayer is dry. "Pen-Touch" white ink-permanent pen is good, made by Sakura. I also like "Painters" white paint marker, made by Hunt Corp. but sometimes they will leak when they get used a lot. You are really finding yourself Kate. I'm envious! xoxo

  6. I just saw on Carmen Torbus's blog that you won the Sparkle class from her giveaway !!!! You predicted it ! Yay for you ! Enjoy !


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