Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Art Journaling Calendar Challenge

I was on twitter the other day and followed one of their recommendations and found Kate Crane.  She is over in the UK and has a wonderful blog.  She runs this calendar challenge that I thought was such fun.  So I dove in and made the pages in my new journal. Did I tell you that I love this journal?  Well I do, the paper is fabulous.

First I painted the pages in acrylic, then added spray inks and stencils. then I used a 2" punch to make all the squares. I think I would like a bigger punch but I may do that next month. These small squares do not leave much room to write.

Here is the second half of the calendar. With such small squares most of my number stamps were too big. I remembered I have this magnetic set that is pretty small. I used them to put the numbers on the days.  I will now go back and add some details on the days that have passed.  I think this is a great way to highlight your month.

If you want to join in you can see a tutorial here.  There is a flickr  group and a Facebook group that you can check out to see all the different calendar's that people are making.

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  1. The colors really pop on your calender spread. I tried doing this at the beginning of the year and made it through a week before I gave up! I hope you manage to continue with yours.


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