Friday, July 19, 2013

Exploring the Chakras

Back in this post I shared Julie Gibbons link about her exploration of the Chakras.  I was enthralled with the idea and now I am finally getting to the start.  I made s small journal to hold the journal aka Teesha Moore"s amazing 16 page journal. I really like the idea of using that journal for small focused projects.

I am starting with the first chakra of course. My page was created with Neocolor II watercolor crayons and a pitt artist pen. The name of the chakra is Maladhara. Also known as the root chakra. I focused my image first with the elephant for its strength and then added parts of the traditional image of this chakra.  The four petals represent the four directions, the yellow the earth. The earth is also represented in the drawing.   I drew the roots to be very extensive and then wrote down meaning and connections.  The first chakra covers your roots, grounding, ancestors and beliefs so I added words to represent my ancestors and so forth.  This really was fun. In exploring this I found I understood the chakra and myself better.

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  1. Interesting root chakra piece. HPPF!

  2. love your chakra piece,Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Very nice. Working Chakras is so fulfilling.

  4. Beautiful drawing of the elephant. You are so talented.

  5. I absolutely love the rootedness of the elephant. It is as though your elephant is the Tree of Life...brilliant! Heartfully, Samara

  6. Fabulous! I also love using Teesha's 16 page journals. They give the excitment of starting new and shiny much more often than working ina regular size journal!


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