Monday, July 29, 2013

Spinners Retreat & Dr. Who

I spent the last five days up in Park City Utah at a Spinners Retreat.  This group gets together annually to spend time away from responsibilities.  We spin and knit, and laugh and eat, share our lives and have workshops and prizes and more.  It is really the best of times. I hadn't been to this in a long time.

I was delighted to find out my good friend Adrien would be there.  She is such a beautiful soul, I love spending time with her.

Here I am with Adrien and Esther who I got to know a lot better this time.  She is a riot I just love both of these ladies so much. They are both very talented spinners and make exquisite lace shawls with their yarns.

Here I am with my good friend Cyndi.  She always keeps me laughing and helps me stay motivated with all my knitting projects.

Here I am with a Dalek from Dr. Who.  For those who don't watch a Dalek is an alien villain that the Doctor has to fight over and over again.  This is a shell and the alien being is inside this.

Here I am inside the Dalek, you had to squat down to fit the top on and oh was it hot inside there.

I met another Green Bay Packer Fan.  We were comparing things we had to support the team,  I won the contest when I told her I had a Clay Matthews jersey.  He was her favorite too. Here is the scarf her mom made her during the retreat in those great Packer colors.

My good friends Cyndi and Shirley Marshall, the owners of the Dalek. They found it at a garage sale. We sure have had some fun with it. Rumor has it that it might travel to Idaho Falls someday soon.

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  1. Adrien has a beautiful smile! I can see that you had a good time with your friends...lots of smiles on everyone's face.


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