Friday, July 5, 2013

Link Love - July 5

Here are today's links.

 * Guada hosts a Totem Animal Mandala challenge on Ning that is a lot of fun. Her blog is    Guada's Art and Mandalas She is from Argentina and makes beautiful art.
* The difference between hot press and cold press watercolor paper.

* Feeling adventurous, here's how to make your own watercolor paint

* You can download this free ebook called Be Inspired. Its pretty cool.  They are themes and art and questions to ponder.

* My friend Lynn started this new blog with her friend Anne.  Somewhere to Sketch They post pics via google maps and then paint them.  You can join in too, it sounds like lots of fun.

Make sure to go to to see what others are linking.

Now for some random things.

Here is a project I just put on my loom, I am using my own handspun cotton mixed in with a little bit of commercial yarn.  These will be dishtowels. The colors are naturally colored cotton except for the blue which is made from recycled blues jeans and white cotton blended together. There are various shades of brown and green cotton and some blends.

We have a Swainsons hawk nesting in one of our trees.  There are two babies in the nest. You can see both of them in this picture

In this one the little critter is looking right at us. They are in a very tall tree.

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  1. Nice links, Kate. I like the idea of using Google maps to find something to draw.

    The dish towel weaving looks fantastic! I love the colors you're using.

    And how cute that you got a shot of the babies in their nest.


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