Wednesday, July 31, 2013

By Lantern Light

I just realized it was Wednesday already and I didn't have a post ready.  No ideas no art to share but then I realized I had this face I drew while I was at my retreat this past week, She is pretty simple with no writing like I usually have. I created this in my tent one night, by lantern light. That is probably why I haven't really liked it. Although I like that tern "By Lantern Light" I may use it again sometime.

I have been spinning yarns most nights while watching TV.  These were all from the same fleece. It was time to wash them all. It looks like quite a bit of yarn photographed this way.

The past few days I have been trying to play catch up. I am always that way after a trip.  It takes me a long time to integrate back into a normal existence. I always seem to find myself really tired for the first few days and this time was no exception.  I am trying to be gentler with myself this time. To have down periods, to take naps when I am so inclined and not to stress about catching up.

Do you have trouble getting back into the swing of things after an absence? What do you do to make the transition smoother?


  1. By Lantern Light is worth repeating :)
    The yarn looks endless photographed this way! I know nothing about spinning yarn, but it sounds good paired with lantern light.
    I dont know how much of a routine I really have. Usually work related things force me back into it immediately... but when it comes to things like blogging, I'm always a bit hit or miss.

  2. I like that phrase, too...and I like the drawing.

    Wow, that's a lot of yarn!! That should keep you busy for quite some time.

    Getting back into the swing of things isn't always easy but your idea of being gentle with yourself is good. I never used to take naps or give myself time like that but now I do. Just go slow and you'll ease back into things.

  3. I love the phrase by Lantern Light. Sounds like a great title for a book. She could be your main character.

    In the past I always wondered why I was so tired when I came home from a trip. Now, I know it is because I was so excited getting ready and was usually busy the whole time I was away. So now I give myself time to rest after returning. It works and makes the whole process of going away and coming home even more fun. Self-care, that is the key - before, during, and after a trip.

  4. Pretty impressive for "by lantern light". :)


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