Monday, July 1, 2013

Closing The Page On A Journal

I have been working on finishing up pages in a journal. I made this journal out of an old book on Whaling.  I found this page in the middle of the book, it was unfinished for some reason. So I painted her face and added words, in the middle of this my marker fell apart. I really like the Montana markers but have had a hard time with them. I may have to try another brand.

More collage resulted from these silver pages. I used all grey tones and many of the papers are walpaper samples from a retired walpaper book.

I used memorabilia that I saved from the Titanic exhibit that was at our museum a few years ago.

Then some random blue and green pages. This house is an old homestead in Grand Teton National Park.

These green papers are from an old travel book. I've always loved this image of this woman going through a doorway.

I did not realize my page was crooked until it was too late. There are spray painted papers along with regular scraps.

These brown/rust backgrounds really lent themselves to vintage photographs. Lots of walpaper being used here too.

So now its time to set this journal on the shelf and begin a new one.  That is always exciting for me. I am making a new one with Fabriano watercolor paper so I won't be doing much collage in it. Right now I am trying to decide on what to paint on the covers.


  1. Love this--it's full of adventure!

  2. Kate, these are great! I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when I finish a journal. I'm sure you do too. I'm starting a new one today also. I thought it might help me get back in the groove.

  3. Love working in journals.
    Yours is so cool.
    You probably have a lot of them now huh?

  4. Finishing a document like this is an awesome feeling. And starting a new one is excited too. I have let journaling go in a lot of ways and I miss that accomplishment of filling the last page...
    Happy beginnings !


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