Friday, June 20, 2014

A Day In Cambridge

I I left Grantham this morning and a couple hours later, I arrived in Cambrudge to meet this lovely lady.

My friend Lisa is a wonderful artist I met online several,years ago.

Cambridge is full of fascinating architecture.  I took a zillion pics but won't bore you with all of them.  

We took a ride on one of the punt boats.  This is our driver and guide who regaled us with all,the fascinating stories about mNy of the colleges.

After ou ride we decided to go here and have a drink here.

This is the pub where DNA was discovered.  We immediately felt like intellectuals when we entered, just kidding...

We had a wonderful dinner at this pub, and the dessert Imhad was a chocolate and salted caramel and cream concoction that was just heavenly.

I loved this mysterious lane, So after taking a picture we had to go down and discover what is down the lane.  We had a nice walk but didn't discover anything amazing.

A few more shots in Cambridge.

That's it for tonight.  


  1. You made it!! It's a great city in which to be a tourist - even if they punt from the WRONG end!! Oxford, of course, punt from the correct end :-D xx

  2. Just popped over from Another Deep Day and have been enjoying your posts and visit to the UK and Ireland. I love the way you have met up with all your on-line blogging friends! Hope you continue to have a blast!
    Wren x


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