Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meeting someone I hadn't expected.


Here Lisa and I are sitting in her garden.  What a great time we've had today.

We planned a visit to see Sulgrave Manor today.  It's funny that I traveled all the way to England to meet this man.

Yep it's George Washington,  Sulgrave Manor just so happens to be the home of his ancestors.

This was our capable guide, he filled us with stories of Lawrence Washington and all the other relations of George Washington.  It was a pretty fascinating.

This the manor today but it was much larger in its heyday.  

There were several spinning wheels.

Here we are in the kitchen where we learned about the tragic life of spit boys, the lack of medical knowledge and the fact that the poor people actuallly ate healthier than the rich. Darker bread vegetables and little meat was healthier than the ruche duet if white bread and meat.

The gardens were beautiful.  

Ok that's enough flowers.  

This is the front of the house which shows a lot about the man who owned the house.
The triangle. At the top showed how he made his money, that was my wool.  The second thing was frme honor from the queen, I can't quite remember what it was called but let's just say it gone him great status. The third thing is the crest of the Washington Family which includes 3 red stripes which represent rivers of French blood from the battle of Crecy where the family served honorably.  There are stars on the crest too but I don't remember what they are for. The interesting thing I didn't know is that when Betsy Ross created the American flag, Martha Washington suggested that the Washington crest be used for the design.  So the red stripes in our flag represent rivers of French blood.  Funny things that you learn when you are on a trip.

We spent the afternoon making some art together which was such a delight. Tomorrow I am headed to Birmingham. To spend some time with my friend Donna. 


  1. The stars represented his spurs because he was part of the cavalry in the battle :)

    Such fun to spend time with you Kate :)

  2. Meeting people from blogland is like adding another layer to your art and friendship....such a special connection. Gad you two got together.


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