Thursday, June 19, 2014

Making Art Today

Claire and I spent the day indoors and pulled out her art supplies to play.

My first piece with watercolor crayons and some oil pastels.

My favorite piece of the day was this little forest of trees.

Just geometric shapes resulted from. This watercolor background.

I had some difficulty with her.  She has a watercolor background is created with oil pastels.

Claire is intently working on her drawing.

My last piece seems like I was channeling Sedona, Arizona. This is the beginning of something but I am not sure of what.

Tomorrow I am off to visit another friend in Cambridge.  Till then enjoy.


  1. Really like the trees and found the "friendhip bonds" interesting.....

  2. You snuck a photo of me, you sneaky Kate!!
    I'm 'in the zone', I guess... totally oblivious to anything else...
    I'm having SUCH fun spending time with you xx

  3. How wonderful you got to meet Claire and spend time together. She is a warrior! AND to spend time doing art together is priceless!

  4. Hi Kate,
    Can I use the photo of me drawing in a blog post? I'll credit you, of course!
    Hope you're having a fun Summer Solstice :) xx


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