Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Checking out Gateshead and Newcastle


I took a cab over to Gateshead.  It's actually just across the river from Newscastle but a long way from my hotel. I always explain to the cabbie what I'm doing so he is sort of part of the story.  So far they've been interested in my tale and more than willing to help me find my addresses or jump out of the cab to take a picture.  Most of the businesses on the road had no address that you could see or they were not close to the numbers I had. So I settled for the street name.  Especially when the cabbie told me part of the street had been turned into a park. So I'll see that as the place that James Farrell lived in.

With my task done as best as I could do I headed back to Newcastle to the downtown city centre to walk around and see the city.

The were lots of stone building with sculptures in them.  

And newer buildings that looked futuristic to me.

With lots of glass.

But. I for one are am more fascinated with the old buildings.  

In my walking around I found this museum. It wasn't going to open for ten minutes.  When I came back,there must have been 100 British school children waiting in line. They were so cute all in their school uniforms and exuberance, it was fun to see.

This was the ground outside the museum, the ground was full of purple crystal mosaic like glass, it was beautiful. The picture does not show the beauty very well.

I thought this watercolor of a bird was delightful.

I was entranced with this beautiful painting. So fascinated how the painted the shear garment on the figure.

This sculpture was I. The cafe. Such beauty found in such ordinary places.

After the museum I found this on the street.  A gypsy wagon, how fun.

The woman inside was a welsh gypsy giving fortunes, she was busy so I silent go in.

More delightful buildings to greet me.

Most cities I,have been in seem  to have some small spire structure. They sure help the traveler from getting too lost.  It's great to have good landmarks.

I walked down this alleyway and found these amazing sculptures.

Then there were some street musicians to entertain.  These guys did some amazing percussion with ordinary materials.

I didn't forget to look up when I saw this lamppost.

I think this castle is so charming.  

This was pretty cool to see, it was very organic looking.  

This is the entrance to the hotel I've been staying in.

Look at the lovely carpet on the stairs.

That's it for tonight, tomorrow I head to Grantham.

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  1. I like the old buildings, too. And those sculptures in the alleyway are really interesting. I never would have thought to find a gypsy wagon on the street! It looks so cool. I'd love to have peeked inside.


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