Monday, June 23, 2014

Castles and Cathedrals

I went to visit my online friend Donna Highton who lives in the West Midlands near Birmingham.  She lives in a village called Meridan.  

Here she is, all smiles as we chatted in the back garden an
Father a full day of sightseeing.

Donna picked me up from the train station, we stopped off at her place to drop off my luggage and then headed to Coventry. 

Covemtry was destroyed during the blitz of World war 2.  The ruins of the Cathedral still stand and they were beautiful to see. They built another cathedral but it is not nearly as interesting.

I loved seeng the sky through all those windows.

Ok enough of the Cathedral. Next we went to a museum called the Herbert.

Coventry was an area famous for ribbon weaving.  They used these massive Jacquard looms.

Thu s a side view of one of the looms.

This shows several ribbons being wove at the same time.  In this picture they are red white and blue.  Also you can see shuttle piled up containing the yarns used in the weaving.

Here is a view of the whole loom.

Next we went to a pub for a cool drink, Ioved the view from my seat.

This is Kenilworth castle it is another ruin.A lot of it is intact but a lot f it is more like remnants of its former self.

For a girl who likes doorways and windows I had a blast taking photos.

Ok that's enough Castle pics.

Here we are laughing it up.  Pretty soon we were pretty tired so we headed for a country pub for dinner.  I decide to go decidedly British this time.  I had my first steak and Ale pie with potatoes verges and gravy.  It was really great.  What a wonderful day we had.

Next stop Dublin.


  1. Beautiful photos! Have so enjoyed your sharing this magnificent trip!

  2. You can't beat a steak & ale pie!

  3. I've got internet - so a quick catch up!! Love your photos - you look like you had fun :)
    Missing you ;(
    Hope you caught the ferry OK....


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