Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lisburn, Northern Ireland and Other Observations

When traveling in another country you can't help but make comparisons. There are the quirky signs or crazy driving or how the showers are different every where you go.  It's sometimes a challenge to figure out how to get hot water.  Then there are those hand held showers that have a push button start. I have been staying in one or two star hotels, it's all I can afford and each one has it town uniqueness

In this current hotel I found something I have never seen before.

I realize its a little blurry, I don't feel like getting up to,retake it.  This is the toilet paper.  It has a metal plate over it so you can rip the paper. Now I have managed all my life without one of these, how about you.

Other things in the big city, the drivers are crazy and the pedestrians are even worse.  No one waits for the light to change, they play Russian roulette with all the speeding buses and cabs.  When I was in N. Ireland today I really noticed the difference between there and here in Dublin. I almost saw a street fight get truly out of hand.  2 blokes were shirtless and a crowd was developing and then the cops showed up, so not much of a story to tell. 

I went to Lisburn, Northern Ireland today to see the linen museum there. I just realized how late it was and I have a very early morning tomorrow.  I am taking the ferry to England early so that means showering and packing up tonight. So I will leave the museum post till later.  

I was surprised to see Betty Boop out on display at the restaurant where I had lunch.  They had pretty great sandwiches here.

I was on the train for a total of four hours today so I have some art to share.

I have been seeing so many castle like buildings I made some turrets for fun.

I am calling her my little deformed lady, instead of trying to fix her I decided to I've on.

So then I just played with the pastels a little.

I drew her on the train coming home.

But she looked a little too plain.  

That's it for tonight.


  1. Hi Kate, saw you posting these on facebook and thought I'd say hello! Glad you're having a bit of an adventure in our islands. Always fun to notice the little details when travelling. Hope the sun stays out for you tomorrow.
    Chris :)

  2. Love the little lady with the bright eyes.....enjoy, Kate!

  3. Isn't it quirky how small things differ from one country to the next? It sounds like you're having a great time and seeing lots of places.

    Four hours on the train was a good thing because you made some fun art. I like the "little deformed lady" and the turrets. Keep having fun!


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