Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Book of Kells

Argh almost done with my post and I lost it all..  

I bought one of those CitySightseeing bus passes today so I could see the city easily.  First stop for me was Trinity College and the Book of Kells.  It's that ancient illuminated manuscript of the four gospels. You may have heard of it.  This was the queue to get in.  As I waited in line amidst multiple tour groups I hoped I was in the right line.  Luckily I was.  You can't really take pictures but it was interesting.  I was a little disappointed that you only got to see 2 pages of the book. I figured it had been taken apart but it has only been split into 4 and only 2 are on display at any given time.  As an artist I was intrigues by the small tiny work,it was quite incredible.  They had a movie on display that showed the making of a similar book.  The cleaning if the vellum and the stitching and binding of the book.  Very fascinating to watch.  I've made my own books but have never done the fancy spines that make those indentations you see in old books.

We came out to this library, it was massive and amazing too.

Stacks of books and busts of old men who were important I their time.

All those books, I had an image of someone climbing those ladders to get just the right book for a scholar.

I think this is the oldest harp in Ireland.

I went to the next National Library. MIT had a display on William Butler Yeats the well known poet. 

All the old archeticture is so fascinating to me.

Sometimes you have to look up.  Why there are rats on this building isn't quite clear to me.

Then I saw this little guy. 

I have been missing my art.  Even though I bought a journal with me and have drawn in it a little I haven't been that satisfied.  I had a guy on the train from Carrick seem really impressed with my work.  Told me I should submit some designs to a tattoo shop.  I have been limited to watercolor which is not my favorite medium.

Here I drew some ferns from a photo on my phone.

Added some color.

Of course I have pencil to work with too.

And Pitt pens to make this mandala, but apparently that is not enough for me.

I found that Kennedy's art supply is a half a block from my hotel. I couldn't resist any longer.  Picked up some oil pastels so I could play. I got basic colors and some neutrals for faces.  That should broaden what I can do in my little book.


  1. Oh Kate, wonderful....loved the architecture, the atmosphere.....and your drawings as well....what a wonder you are!

  2. I think I have seen that library (or similar to it) in a movie or TV show... Love reading your adventures!


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