Friday, June 13, 2014

Ferry Day and Other Mishaps

I took the ferry to England today.  No great pictures to share though.  This is the view from the table I sat at. The last time I took a ferry was across Lake Michigan and it was long so long ago that I thought I needed to dress warm.  This was more like a cruise ship, with restaurants and shopping and more.  I took a Dramamine before I left and I was fine.  My stomach issue was more that I was starving than anything else.  I spent the time drawing.

There were all Thes little girls who were dancers running around.  Some were getting their hair done and makeup on.

I started drawing a woman I saw but she morphed into someone else.

Then I played with some of the oil pastel.

Before I knew it I was in Wales.  So I hopped on a train and made my way through England. I had to take 3 trains and the second one was having mechanical problems.  First there was a 24 minute delay and then they had everyone ge off the train.  So I missed my connection.  It took a little longer to get to Wigan than planned.  One thing I've learned on this trip is to ask annoying questions of all the officials. Traveling is hard enough without getting on the wrong train.  So I always make sure and double check what people tell me.

This is a town where my grandfather lived in from 1908-1910 and my grandparents were married here. The cab driver told me it was a dark and gloomy place back them.  Mining was the chief industry.

When the cabbie dropped me off at my hotel I had of several things happen.  The money I got in N. Ireland was not acceptable for some reason.  I was about to give him some euros when I found I had change from a 20 that was more nglish and acceptable. Whew I don't know what they do she you can't pay your fare. After relaxing in the room a little and realizing I wasn't near the center if town I made some inquiries. The hotel person told me where a restaurant and a ATM were a half a mile down the road. So I went for a walk.

I tried the ATM and it denied my card.  Ok don't panic, just try again. There was someone in line behind me so I let them go ahead. The. I tried again denied again. My card had worked in Ireland so I didn't know what to do so instead of a full breakdown I went to eat.  

Then I called Dave thinking he could call the credit union and help. The phone didn't work, I wasn't sure how to call home for. I thought the country code for America was 011. I had nowhere to check as my guidebook was in the room.  So I texted a friend and then another to call him. So after a few phone calls we figured out the problem.  Credit cards over here have a chip in them that machines read and mine does not so Thatmis why it was denied. I just need to go to a bank or another type of machine.  Meanwhile my hotel let me get an small advance on my card, so now at least I can grab a taxi and know I can pay for it.

I saw this lovely flower on my way back to,the room.

It was like they were telling me to take the time to smell the roses.
So there you have it another exciting day of travel.  


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  1. Mercury has been in retrograde since June 7th. It will be there until July 1st. But don't let that stop you from enjoying the rest of your trip. Expect the unexpected and enjoy whatever happens.


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