Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I made it to Ireland

I made it to Ireland, finally.  I had a 3 hour layover in Denver and an 8 hour layover in Toronto .
They must have had 500 iPads all free to use. It was a tiring day though.  I got into Dublin around 10:30 am.

It took awhile to get through customs and take a bus from the airport. This is where I am staying for a couple days.

It's a guesthouse in an old building.  I sort of feel like I am in an Agatha Christie story.   When I leave I turn in my key and hen pick it up when I come back.  It's simple but comfortable with some old world styling.  I like it so far.

My daughter loves skulls, so when I saw these in a window I had to get the picture for her. Sarah, no I am not bringing you one of these.

Dublin has a lot of Georgian architecture that I just loved,  all sort of colorful doors are a treat for the eyes.

Little bits of inspiration strike me, so I stop with my iPhone and take some pictures. I loved this streetlight. Being in the big icy again is such a change of pace.  There are people everywhere and it can be overwhelming at times. I am not used to so many people smoking, I rarely see that at home. Another thing I have not seen anyone who fit the stereotype of an Irish person.  You know red hair and freckles.  I've heard so many different languages in one day that I can't distinguish them anymore.there appears to be a big Asian population along with African, Arabic and Eastern European. A melting pot of sorts.

Another thing I've noticed that I first encountered in England ten years ago.  It's easy to be In a big city at all hours.  Haven't felt vulnerable at all. I wouldn't say that about big cities I the US.

There is this big statue of some Irish orator I think its Connolly, but at the bottom are all these angels.  I wish I had some editing software loaded on my iPad so I could lighten theses up.

They are all really beautiful. 

I may have to take more pictures at a better time a day.  I love how you can be walking along and here is this magnificent statue just out of the blue.

This bridge just appeared.  I don't even know what river it was but I thought it was pretty.
That's about all for today.  Time to get some rest. Tomorrow I am going on a tour to Newgrange.


  1. Thanks for all the pics...I enjoy seeing them, and hearing about your travels.


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