Monday, June 9, 2014

Meeting the Padden's

Me and my cousin Tommie Padden.

This is Sean, Mae and Josephine.  They are sisters as you can probably tell and Sean is Mae' s husband.

Noelin and her son I think it was Jimmy, she is Tommie's daughter. He was a real cutie.

After dinner Sean and Mae took me to see where the Farrell's and Padden's lived.  It was pretty cool to see the house my great grandfather had lived in. 

Here I am standing in front of the house.

This is where Rose Anne Padden lived.  She would have been a great Aunt.  She is mentioned a lot 
in my grandmothers letters.

This is the church my grandfather would have gone to.

Mae wasn't quite sure if this was the house or not but it's right about where the Farrels lived so I took a picture just in case. 

But the land around here was definitely where the Farrels had lived.  She seemed certain of that. To be shown all of this was so exciting to me. To walk where my grandparents had walked was so incredible. Such a gift I've been given. Mae and Sean also told me tales of what it was like back then.  I heard about cutting turf. And how they milked the cows in the morning and carried the milk out to the end of the lane where it was picked up.  At the end of the day what they got back was skim milk to feed the calves.  Those calves got the worst of the deal. It's little stories like that which borough life to the surroundings I was seeing.

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  1. Kate, what a wonderful opportunity you have with this trip. I can only imagine how you must feel as you visit all the places where your family lived so many years ago. Exciting!


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