Thursday, August 21, 2014

500 Word Challenge

I listened to a webinar put on by Jeff Goins yesterday. It was called "The Four Keys To a Prolific Daily Writing Habit" Quite a bit of what he talked about were things I had tried before, but one element was missing.  That was to write everyday at the same time.  Its the best way to create a habit. I haven't decided what time that should be though.  For me that is the hard part. It may mean getting up early, yikes I am so not a morning person.  But then sometimes if I wait till nighttime I am too tired and it never happens. So I joined in this challenge to write 500 words a day for 31 days.  Are you having trouble getting to your writing maybe you should join in with me. You can sign up here.

So you may know that I do challenges like this quite often.  I am still in the midst of Lisa Sonara Beam's 30 Day Journal Project. I have also done 30 day Face challenges where you paint a face every day. So what does participating in challenges do for me.  For one it makes me commit to something. The repetition helps me to get deeper into the process, helps it become a habit.  Its a way to focus on something that I might not be able to any other way.  Its a tool, just another tool in my creative toolbox helping me to get where I want to be.  

Do you participate in challenges like these?  Do you find that they help you or hinder you? 


  1. This is a great idea. I usually am an evening writer so instead of having an exact time too much going on in the evening, I will just say I have to before going to be. So if I am going to be gone all day and know I will be out late I will do it before said plans. This is the best that I can do. But I will do the 500 word a day challenge will you too.

  2. It's taken me forever to figure out what time is best for me. I get up early, but the day seems to start before I do. I've decided the best time is after dinner when my husband settles in for his television programs. We only have one television, so it's the perfect opportunity to write.

  3. My daughter is the writer in the family. I'll pass this on to her.


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