Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sketchbook Skool Is Finished

Sketchbook Skool is over with for now.  It was six weeks of a whole lot of fun.  I love it when you are really changed by a class.  I will be taking the next session which I think will be  in October. Meanwhile I saw these books talked about in class and thought they would be great to go through in the meantime.

This is full of advice on getting started along with lots of great tips.   I think it will be invaluable.

This one was described as the nest book on watercolor and so far I really like it. It started off explaining how watercolor paint is made and then went right into colors and where they came from.  I love history so this will be great to learn a little more.  The rest of the book looks great too.  I've got some fun reading ahead of me.

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