Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Drawing My Kitchen

My kitchen, oh my there are so many mistakes in this drawing.  Nothing is the right size or shape but I kept hearing Tommy Kane's voice in my head saying "finish the drawing" so I kept plugging away. The handles on the cupboard are different for a reason. I when I made the error on the left I was dismayed but decided to make the other side correct. I learned a lot with this drawing. Its always encouraging to realize that the next drawing is going to be better.

I got my Derwent Pencil Bag in the mail yesterday.  I love it.  It will hold 130 pencils, a sketchbook, watercolor box and more. There are three sleeves to hold pencils and you can add more.  Right now I added all my Inktense pencils and my Graphitint pencils.  Whenever I get to the zoo to do animal drawing I'll take it for a real test run.  Just using it at home has been great because everything is right there in the bag.  I don't have to go looking for anything.


  1. Enjoy the process, Kate !
    Love your new bag !
    Happy Wednesday !

  2. It's all about the process! Just keep drawing and never mind the "mistakes" because chances are no one else will notice. I'm not sure what's wrong with the handles...they look okay to me.

    That's a fantastic pencil bag! I wouldn't have enough pencils to fill it up!

    1. Janet, you are so right, people don't notice as much as the artist does. I love the new bag. I have so many pencils, it won't hold them all.


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