Friday, August 29, 2014

Gate Leaf Cards

I saw these cards on Julie Fei Fan Balzer's blog.  They are made with a Scan and Cut machine which I own but have not used very much.  So I purchased the file she was selling to make these cards.  This one I made has a mistake in it. Some the green paper tore off on one of the leaves.  The idea is pretty simple and now I think I can go make my own designs.  You could really make stencils out of all the rejects. In fact its very easy to make stencils with this machine. I need to plan some time to do that very thing. That is why I wanted the machine in the first place. To make my own stencils, that are different from what you can buy. Sometimes I look at other blogs and I can identify the stencils that someone used.

I finished with all the preparations for my 21 Secrets class.  So happy that is done.  I think its going to be an amazing group of classes.  Don't forget to sign up here.  Today is last day to enter my giveaway, which is on a post here.  I'll be picking the winner today, so you have until this evening to enter. See my next post to see who the winner is.

I've seen some tea bag art lately on some sites I frequent. I usually drink tea that has round tea bags so I thought there might not be enough surface to draw anything.  Last night this bag was on my desk and decided to play with it. My pens and pencils were in my bag upstairs so I used the closest thing available. This turned out to be pitt artist brush markers, and I drew a simple woman and added her to an old book page.  I also used some distress stain to color around her. This was interesting to do.  I have some full size tea bags drying to try out next.  The surface is interesting and stained so it looks old right away. My friend Palma Rae from Rome has a whole used book full of drawings on tea bags. I think its a fun idea.

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  1. The card looks great! I'd love to have one of those machines but they're too pricey for me to just play with. I look forward to seeing the stencils you design. Who knows, maybe you'll be designing and selling them soon!

  2. I love the tea bag idea. . .it looks great. Making your own stencils will set you apart. . . good thinking. Blessings, Janet PPF

  3. I also like this card. Tea bags are great for all kinds of artsy things. Like what you did her. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I have seen tea bags being used creatively too...but have never tried it myself! Should indulge sometime :)
    Your works look great...had not known the stencil making machine!


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