Thursday, August 7, 2014

Working With Activate

One of the modules for Spectrum was on the word Activate.  First we painted a intuitive style painting and then we ripped it up and used bits of it for collage.

This is the painting and I hated it, I was so happy to be able to tear it up.  I should have just painted over it or something but I didn't. Ripping it up gave great satisfaction.

I used pieces from the painting as collage elements and then added more. Its a great way to use something you don't like.  Just recycle it into more art.


  1. Me too. I have made copies of original backgrounds and drawings, paintings I've done and liked. Then used bits of things from them I like in lot of collages etc.

  2. I don't hate the before painting but I love what you did with the pieces to create the new art. I take a photo or scan everything I make and many times I print it out and use it in new ways.


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