Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Studying Under The Masters - Portraits and Self-Portraits

The lovely Jeanne Oliver has done it again. She has created another Studying Under The Masters course. This one is focused on Portraits and Self-portraits. Once again 6 weeks, 6 fabulous artists exploring 6 master artists. It sounds like it will be fantastic. Jeanne is having an awesome giveaway of art supplies. You can enter here. here She is giving away 450.00 worth of supplies.

The artists teaching this course are:
Jane Davenport
Jeanne Oliver
Gillian Lee Smith
Cori Dantini
Robin Fingher
Theresa McFayden

The masters are Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Mary Blair, Frida Kahlo, Brett Whiteley, Max Beckmann

I've signed up because I can't resist.  Oh there is an early bird price at 49.00 till the end of the month.  Class is available for 2 years, what a deal. Class starts September 30th. Why don't you join me in class.  I have no affiliation, just love the idea. Plus I am sure hoping to win some of those fabulous art supplies.


  1. I have this class on my radar...still trying to decide if I want to take it or not.

  2. I took the first Master class Jeanne oddered. LOVED it. I plan to take this as well.


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