Monday, August 4, 2014

Drawing Animals - Its a Process

This weeks class in sketchbook skool is about drawing animals. I'm learning from the amazing Roz Stendall. We start by doing contour drawings of toys. They don't move on you.

First I tried this wolf stuffed animal, alas it looks like a bear.  It all a learning process, so you just turn the page and do something else.

These are some of a stoneware turtle.

I thought it would be easier with no fur but not so much.

Then I tried Belle and when I got this far, Dave walked in the door so of course Belle got up. Decided I would head to zoo this week and attempt some drawing there. Practice, practice, practice is what it takes. So I will keep at it.  I'll post zoo pictures later this week.

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  1. Practice and keeping that critic away while you do!
    Enjoy the process, Kate. Happy Monday !


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