Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dye day

I had some friends over to do some spinning on Saturday. We started a few dyepots for those who had yarn or fleece they wanted to dye. Its been years since I have done a lot of dyeing. It took me 2 days to just clean up the garage. So much dust and grime accumulated. Then I hoped I remembered how to dye. Just how much acid goes in a dyepot?  Of course it came back to me right away.

There were some locks Amy dyed in an old electric roasting pan, they came out pretty nice.

Some beautiful roving dyed by my friend Amy in a traditional dyepot.

Jennifer wanted purple and I think she did a great job, it was such an intense shade of purple.

I had a pound of commercial yarn I wanted to dye but I went about it the wrong way.  When you look at these skeins you can see the color is not consistent at all.  So disappointing.

You can really see the color variations in this picture, from very light blue to very dark.I am not sue what I will do with the yarn now. It won't make a good sweater, too stripey, so maybe it will be thrown into a blanket someday.   Now that the dye studio is all cleaned up, I think I'll have to dye some more this summer.

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  1. This is definitely a fest for the eyes. I love the deep purple yarn...but you probably would have guessed that. Your blue yarn is a beautiful color. Do you think you can salvage enough to use?


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